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Monday, May 23, 2016

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Meow Loading... What the Neko Atsume Cats Look Like in Real Life and more...

Meow Loading... What the Neko Atsume Cats Look Like in Real Life

IRL,neko astume,video games,Cats

If you've ever wondered what the adorable kitties from Neko Atsume looked like as real cats, well, here ya go! And yes they are somehow even cuter. For the full list, head over to Tumblr.

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Yackety Sax is the Perfect Soundtrack to This Hilarious Video of Dogs Playing at K9 Fun Zone


Submitted by: (via Matt Buckmaster)

Tagged: dogs , Video , playing

All of These Cats Have More Money Than You Do


Being a famous feline on Instagram sure seems to pay well. We've really gotta get ourselves an office cat... (PS - if you like looking at pictures of cats with money, you should check out Cash Cats.)

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Tagged: monies , cash , instagram , Cats , money

Slinky Cat Goes Down the Stairs in a Really Weird Way


Submitted by: (via Cleber Moura)

Tagged: slinky , stairs , Cats , Video

Chihuahua Puppy or Squeaky Toy?


Submitted by: (via Thehunterdaily)

Tagged: dogs , puppy , tiny , vine , chihuahua , squeaky toy , Video , omg

Insane Cherry Does it Again With an Animal Cover of "We Will Rock You"


If you're not familiar with the "Animal Cover" genre of music/YouTube videos, you should start with this

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King of the Bed

king of the bed

Submitted by: (via loopdeloops)

Tagged: bed , lion king , lion , Cats

These Political Pets Want to Make Cheezburger Great Again


Submitted by: (via The Pet Collective)

Tagged: pets , Video , politics

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