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Sunday, May 29, 2016

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Ingo the Dog and Poldi the Owl Are the Best of Friends and more...

Ingo the Dog and Poldi the Owl Are the Best of Friends

ingo the dog and poldi the owl are the best of friends

You can find out more about these animals and their owner/photographer, Tanja Brandt, over here.

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Pit Bull Patiently Waits in Line for the Ice Cream Truck


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Watch Oreo the Cat Nom on a Delicious Kraft Single

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Tagged: cheese , vine , oreo , eating , Cats , Video

This Rescued Baby Fox Is so Cute It Doesn't Look Real

rescued baby fox so cute doesnt look real

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Tagged: foxes , baby , fox

When Someone Plays With Your Hair

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Tagged: serval , vine , lick , Cats , Video

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