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Friday, May 20, 2016

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Farmer Saves Baby Alpaca That Got Stuck in a Hole and more...

Farmer Saves Baby Alpaca That Got Stuck in a Hole

Tagged: baby , alpaca , facebook , farm , Video , rescue

Watch a Blind Kitty Play Fetch With Her Human


Submitted by: (via zeroabsolutes)

Tagged: fetch , blind , Cats , Video

Watch a Dog and a Wild Otter Play Together at the Beach

Submitted by: (via Michele Smiley)

Tagged: dogs , water , facebook , otter , Video , playing

Meet Kevin, the Cat That Always Looks Surprised

russian blue,instagram,surprise,Cats

Kev is a 4 year old Russian Blue with hydrocephalus. That means he has a build up of fluid in his brain that causes him to look surprised or alarmed all the time. Don't worry, Kevin is doing just fine despite his condition. You can follow his journey over on Instagram.

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Hungry Otter Noms on a Healthy Lettuce Treat

Submitted by: (via @poncayan)

Tagged: lettuce , instagram , otters , otter , Video

A Guy Named Coyote Gets Attacked By a Baby Ocelot


Don't worry, the little cat is (mostly) playful.

Submitted by: (via Brave Wilderness)

Tagged: ocelot , big cats , Video

The Fox and The Hound IRL

the fox and the hound irl

Submitted by: (via @juniperfoxx)

Tagged: dogs , hound , fox , cute

The Licki Brush Lets You Lick Your Cat Without Worrying About Hairballs


Believe it or not, this device is very real and will soon be available to purchase. Lick away!

Submitted by: (via Life TV)

Tagged: brush , lick , tongue , Cats , Video

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