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Thursday, May 19, 2016

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Don't Just Eat the Watermelon, Become the Watermelon and more...

Don't Just Eat the Watermelon, Become the Watermelon

Submitted by: (via @shelisrolex)

Tagged: dogs , gifs , puppy , watermelon , noms

Proof That Cats Are Not From This Planet

Submitted by: (via Korda)

Tagged: shoes , vine , Cats , funny , Video

Go Home Woodpecker, You're Drunk


That's not wood!

Submitted by: (via dudemycat)

Tagged: birds , woodpecker , Video

OMG Please Look at This Napping Kitten Stretching His Little Feet

Submitted by: (via Kelsea freeborn)

Tagged: vine , kitten , cute , Cats , sleeping , Video , stretch , omg

Ducklings Take a Bath With a Very Relaxed Capybara


Submitted by: (via JoeJoe The Capybara)

Tagged: capybara , ducklings , ducks , bath , Video

Those Must Be Purrsian Rugs for Sale

purrsian rugs for sale

Submitted by: (via extremepandaz)

Tagged: persian , purr , rugs , Cats

Just a Couple Birds Getting a Blow Dry

Submitted by: (via Coo)

Tagged: birds , vine , blow dryer , Video

Angry Ram Takes on a Tetherball in the Forest


Submitted by: (via Angry Ram)

Tagged: tetherball , Rams , goats , sheep , angry , Video

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