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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

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Come a Little Closer, Granny's Eyes Aren't What They Used to Be and more...

Come a Little Closer, Granny's Eyes Aren't What They Used to Be

granny shiba wants to get a good look at ya

Submitted by: (via @sweet_drops)

Tagged: granny , dogs , doge , grandma , shiba inu

K'Nex Parts Help Paralyzed Kitten Run and Play for the First Time


Go Mac N'Cheez, go! If you want to stay updated on this little guy's progress, you can follow him on Twitter or visit the Massapequa Pet Vet Facebook page.

Submitted by: (via Mac N'Cheez)


Scooter is the New Oldest Living Cat at the Age of Thirty

scooter is the new oldest living cat at the age of thirty

Sorry Corduroy, you've been dethroned by a Siamese kitty from Texas. Believe it or not, Scooter is 30 years young and still kickin'. You can find out more about him over on the Guinness World Records website.

Submitted by: (via Gail Floyd)


What an Otterly Adorable Way to Eat

Submitted by: (via loopdeloops)

Tagged: adorable , gifs , cute , otters , food , noms

Lilly Might Just Be the Cutest Baby Ever

Submitted by: (via Lilly And The Hairless)

Tagged: dogs , onesie , baby , vine , sleeping , Video

Yawns are Contagious

yawns are contagious

Submitted by: (via hopehelvete)

Tagged: yawn , yawning , Cats

This Cat's Mind is Blown by a Good Magic Trick

Submitted by: (via jenni4)

Tagged: vine , Cats , trick , Video , magic

Watch This Squirrel Without Hind Legs Kick Bad Luck in the Butt With a Phenomenal Walking Handstand


Submitted by: (via Ian T)

Tagged: squirrel , Video , animals , win

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