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Monday, May 16, 2016

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Cat Interrupts Baseball Game By Running Onto the Field and more...

Cat Interrupts Baseball Game By Running Onto the Field

He probably just wanted some cracker jacks!

Submitted by: (via MLB)

Tagged: baseball , MLB , Cats , Video

Bentley the Bulldog Has the Coolest Life Ever


A haircut, helicopter ride, playing fetch, tobogganing, swimming, and fist bumping are all in a day's work for Mr. Bentley. Must be nice!

Submitted by: (via Bradley Friesen)


Friendship Bracelets for the Only Friend You Can Trust

friendship bracelets for the only friend you can trust

Submitted by: (via @EmrgencyKittens)

Tagged: Cats , collar , bracelets , friends

Amsterdam's Lost and Found Airport Dog Takes the Bite Out of Flying


Submitted by: (via KLM)


Even Cats Like Looking at Cats on the Internet

Bat Lets Out Adorable Squeaks While Enjoying a Massage


Submitted by: (via Megabattie)

Tagged: bat , bats , Video , squeak

What Sweet Kitty Dreams Look Like

Submitted by: (via alicat)

Tagged: vine , tongue , Cats , sleeping , Video

Clever Seagull Tries Knocking on Door for Food


Spoiler Alert: It doesn't work

Submitted by: (via James Wilson)

Tagged: knocking , Video , seagull

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