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Monday, May 9, 2016

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Adorable Baby Goats Play King of the Mountain and more...

Adorable Baby Goats Play King of the Mountain


Submitted by: (via Sunflower Farm Creamery)

Tagged: climbing , goats , cute , Video , playing

Fashion Favors the Bold

cat looks fabulous

Submitted by: (via bitsandpieces)

Tagged: sunglasses , fabulous , Cats

This Clouded Leopard Cub Video is Giving Us Cuteness Overload


Submitted by: (via PtDefianceZoo1)

Tagged: leopard , baby , cub , zoo , cute , Video

These Dog Birthday Party Photos Will Warm Your Heart


Is there anything more pure in this world than a dog's birthday party? The bones, the party hats, the cake made out of peanut butter... everything is so sweet! These pups deserve all the treats on their big day.

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This Live Stream of Stray Cats in South Korea is Like Neko Atsume IRL


Thanks to a kind and creative man in South Korea, you can watch stray cats eating and sleeping on a live stream. (Here in the states we have to watch the videos on YouTube, though) It's almost like the smartphone game, Neko Atsume, but in real life. The cats eat fish and everything! 

Submitted by: (via 마약망부냥럽미)


Floof Gets a Fabulous Booty Trim

Submitted by: (via D4rkr4in)

Tagged: pomeranian , floof , dogs , gifs , haircut , cute

Just an Owl Chillin' in the Bath


Submitted by: (via nock)

Tagged: bath , chillin , Owl , Video

Stop it Human. You Are Doing Us a Concern.

Submitted by: (via mattythedog)

Tagged: dogs , doge , gifs , mask , confused , shiba inu

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