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Friday, April 29, 2016

Why Do Cats Act so Weird? and more...

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Why Do Cats Act so Weird?


Submitted by: (via TED-Ed)

Tagged: Cats , Video

This Piglet Has to Stand on Her Tippy Toes to Reach Her Big Girl Bowl


Submitted by: (via allycat226)

Tagged: vine , pig , piglet , food , Video

A Baby Puffin Sees the World For the Very First Time


Submitted by: (via BBC Earth)

Tagged: baby , puffin , birds , Video

These Random Bork Memes Are Giving Us a Funny


"Stop it son, you are doing me a frighten" or "Bork memes" are one of our favorite things about the internet. Hopefully you find these photos as funny as we do. Find out more over on KnowYourMeme.

Submitted by:

Tagged: dogs , bork , Memes , heck , funny

Learn All About Our Favorite Animals and Their Prehistoric Relatives


Submitted by: (via Skunk Bear: Science From NPR)

Tagged: history , NPR , giants , Video , animals

Reticulated Giraffe Calf Is so Big, yet so Tiny

reticulated giraffe calf is so big yet so tiny

Submitted by: (via San Francisco Zoo/Marianne Hale)

Tagged: baby , zoo , giraffes

The Struggle Is Real for This Anteater That's Trying to Steal Leaves Without Getting Wet


Submitted by: (via muny rakko)

Tagged: FAIL , struggle , water , zoo , anteater , Video

They Said She Could Be Anything, so She Became Flour

cat in a flour box

Submitted by: (via awesomelycute)

Tagged: Memes , Cats , flour

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