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Thursday, April 14, 2016

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Wait, Don't Leaf! and more...

Wait, Don't Leaf!

cute cats memes Wait, Don't Leaf!

Submitted by: (via izismile)

Tagged: cute , Memes , Cats

Scientists Found a Rare and Spooky Swarm of Crabs on the Ocean Floor

This seems like a normal ocean exploration video until about halfway through when they get to the unexpected discovery of thousands of crabs swarming together in murky water like a spooky horde of zombies.

The scientist in the video was unable to explain why the crabs were doing what they were doing but he does mention that this behavior has been seen before in insects.

Submitted by: (via Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst.)

Tagged: spooky , ocean , crab , Video

This Owl Is a Champion Horse Rider


Submitted by: (via Chameleons)

Tagged: cute , owls , Video

Watch These Octopuses Change Color While Fighting


Submitted by: (via Björn Svensson)

Tagged: nature , octopus , Video

Oh, Look! An Elephant


Submitted by: (via DailyPicksandFlicks)

Tagged: cute , Cats , Video

This Monkey Totally Snuck up on a Guy and Kicked Him to the Curb


Submitted by: (via ThePoisonChocolate)

Tagged: monkey , funny , Video

Such Bake. Many Nutrients. Wow.

shiba inu cute apron Such Bake. Many Nutrients. Wow.

Submitted by: (via @fujisan99)

Tagged: costume , doge , shiba inu

Send This to Anyone That Threatens to Wake You Up From a Nap as a Warning


Submitted by: (via Ger Campbell)

Tagged: zoo , tiger , naps , Video , animals

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