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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

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They Grow up so Fast and more...

They Grow up so Fast

they grow up so fast kitten

Submitted by: (via Cliforndn)

Tagged: kitten , Cats

This Company Makes Music for Dogs, by Dogs


Submitted by: (via VICE)

Tagged: dogs , Music , Video

A Modern Day Timon and Pumbaa

a modern day timon and pumbaa

Submitted by: (via AbraSLAM_Lincoln)

Tagged: the lion king , dogs , disney , pig

Injured Swan Hugs the Human That Helped Save It

injured swan hugs human that helped it

From the Born to Explore Facebook page: "Who needs a bear hug when you can have a swan hug?

This lovely swan trusted me enough to wrap her neck around mine. She was injured at the time, but luckily she was delivered to Swan Lifeline, which is a charity devoted to the care of sick and injured swans in Windsor, England.

This weekend on ABC, Born to Explore journeys around the world exploring the world of birds."

Submitted by: (via Born to Explore)

Tagged: swan , aww , birds

These Cats Look Like Twins, but They're Actually Uncle and Nephew

uncle nephew cats look like twins

Submitted by: (via @jessi_joy716)

Tagged: instagram , family , Cats

See What Jason Biggs' Hollywood Life Would Be Like if He Were an Animal

Submitted by: (via @peta)


TIL: Iggy Pop has a Cockatoo Named Biggy Pop and They Jam Together

Oh, and Biggy has his own Instagram account. Incredible.

Submitted by: (via @biggypop)


The Ending of Charlotte's Web Was Much Sadder Than We Thought!


LoL by: mamawalker

Tagged: wilbur , dogs , chicken , Cats

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