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Saturday, April 2, 2016

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These Smart Dogs Know so Many Cool Tricks and more...

These Smart Dogs Know so Many Cool Tricks


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: dogs , smart , tricks , Video

Cat Snake Gets a Bubble Bath

Submitted by: (via Ghost_Animator)

Tagged: ferret , gifs , bath

Beluga Whale Plays With Kids at the Aquarium


Skip to the :44 second mark for the good stuff.

Submitted by: (via Gratefulmom)

Tagged: kids , beluga whale , Video

London Constable Responded to a Little Girl's Letter About Police Cats in the Cutest Way Possible


A 5 year old girl noticed that there are plenty of police dogs, but not any police cats and she wanted to know why. So she wrote to her local police headquarters to get answers. The chief responded with a sweet note and a drawing of his own cat for good measure. Yeah, this story is adorable.

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Tagged: aww , letters , London , Cats , police

This Mountain Lion Surprise Might Give You a Heart Attack


Warning: NSFW language + vertical video

Submitted by: (via SS PP)

Tagged: mountain lion , cougar , Video

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