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Friday, April 22, 2016

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These Clouded Leopard Triplets Are the Cutest and more...

These Clouded Leopard Triplets Are the Cutest

these clouded leopard triplets are the cutest

Submitted by: (via Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium)

Tagged: leopard , baby , zoo , cubs

Baby Donkey Thinks It's a Lap Dog


Submitted by: (via Gratefulmom)

Tagged: cute , cuddles , donkey , Video

Dogs React to Game of Thrones Just Like Humans; With Lots of Yelling and Crying


Warning: Lots and lots of spoilers!

Submitted by: (via Rover.com)

Tagged: dogs , Game of Thrones , Video

Rolling Into the Weekend Like

Submitted by: (via Zyclunt)

Tagged: dogs , gifs , skateboard , Cats

Release the Kraken..er..Cracker!!


LoL by: zackcat

Tagged: birds , Memes , caption , parrot

Furry Kitten Can Sleep Through Anything


Submitted by: (via hidbnbn)

Tagged: kitten , Cats , sleeping , Video

Pet Me, I'm a Dalmatian


What could go wrong?

LoL by: tamaleknight


These Squirrel Facts Are Nuts


Submitted by: (via Good Mythical Morning)

Tagged: facts , squirrel , Video

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