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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

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The Three Stages of Giving a Cat a Belly Rub and more...

The Three Stages of Giving a Cat a Belly Rub

the three stages of giving a cat a belly rub

It never ends well.

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Tagged: pets , belly rubs , Cats

Pig Loves Playing in Leaves

Submitted by: (via The Gentle Barn)

Tagged: vine , pig , leaves , Video , playing

These Staffy Brothers Are the Cutest Dog-Children Ever


Darren and Phillip are Blue Staffordshire Bull Terriers from Australia and they could not be more adorable. The boys regularly wear jammies and cuddle together and it's easy to see why the internet is in love with them because we are too!

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Kitty Has so Much to Say

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Tagged: vine , talking , Cats , Video

One of the Smallest Lambs in the World Was Just Born at a Park in the UK

one of the smallest lambs in the world was just born at a park in the uk

Ouessant Sheep are one of the world's smallest breeds and the babies are very tiny. Paradise Park in Hayle, Cornwall, UK recently added a new Ouessant lamb to their Fun Farm and thanks to the internet, we can all see the little one for ourselves. Squee!

Submitted by: (via Paradise Park)

Tagged: baby , lamb , park , sheep , UK

Little Turtle Noms on a Strawberry

Submitted by: (via Lol Vines)

Tagged: vine , strawberry , turtle , noms , Video

Maccha the Cat Gets Her Very Own Painted Meowsterpiece

maccha the cat gets her very own painted meowsterpiece

Submitted by: (via macchacat)

Tagged: art , royalty , painting , Cats

Finally Some Answers to Why Cats Behave the Way That They Do


Submitted by: (via Simon's Cat)

Tagged: logic , Cats , Video

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