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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

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Rosie the Cat Plays Mom to Some Foster Kittens and more...

Rosie the Cat Plays Mom to Some Foster Kittens


Remember Rosie? She was rescued and raised with a trio of huskies a little over a year ago. Well, now she's the one doing the rescuing by being a foster mom to these adorable kittens. Good job, Ro!

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Tagged: Cats , aww , kitten , Video

Arya the Corgi is a Total Nerd

dogs,corgi,Game of Thrones,nerd,instagram,star wars,sailor moon

She's named after a character on Game of Thrones, her favorite movie is Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and she loves dressing up as Sailor Moon. Nerdiest dog ever.

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Just Some Animals Getting Their Spring Cleaning Done


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Hamster Adorably Learns Not to Steal From a Dog


Submitted by: (via Vioji)

Tagged: dogs , gifs , yoink , hamster , funny , carrots , cookies

We Could All Learn Some Moves From These Dancing Baby Ostriches


Submitted by: (via NEXTFOODS)

Tagged: dancing , baby , Video , ostrich

Trying to Sleep When You Own a Cat

Submitted by: (via Rachel & Jun)

Tagged: bed , vine , attack , Cats , sleeping , funny , Video

Shh... He Doesn't Know He's Adopted


LoL by: MuttMeat

Tagged: dogs , horses , caption

Lottie the Collie Shows Off Her Best Friend

Submitted by: (via Lottie)

Tagged: dogs , best friends , vine , trick , Video , hug

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