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Sunday, April 24, 2016

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Maria the Armadillo Had a Ball on Her 25th Birthday! and more...

Maria the Armadillo Had a Ball on Her 25th Birthday!

mario the armadillo has a ball on her 25th birthday

Maria is the oldest living three-banded armadillo in a North American zoo! She celebrated her birthday this year with a (fake) cake topped with bugs and a long nap. Do you, Maria. You've earned it.

Submitted by: (via Woodland Park Zoo)


Let Meowt!


Gilbert is excited that it is spring and wants to go outside.

Tagged: doors , Cats , Video , screen

Yes! A Thousand Times Yes!

yes a thousand times yes

Submitted by: (via thop1989)

Tagged: rings , dogs , engagement

This Cat Makes a Great Rock Meowsician


Submitted by: (via navydaspud1)

Tagged: Music , rock , Cats , Video

First Wool Problems

first wool problems

Submitted by: (via ImJohnathan)

Tagged: alpaca , haircut , funny , wool

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