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Friday, April 1, 2016

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Lil Bub's Teaming up With Surfer Blood to Release New Music and more...

Lil Bub's Teaming up With Surfer Blood to Release New Music

lil bub to release new music with band surfer blood

One of our favorite internet cats, Lil Bub, is working on new music! You may remember that she dropped her very own album back in 2015 and released a music video starring Andrew W.K. Well, this time around she's teaming up with indie band Surfer Blood.

Their split 7" will be released on May 13th via Joyful Noise Recordings. All the proceeds from "Surfer Bub", which is what I hope they call themselves, will benefit cancer treatment for Thomas Fekete. Thomas was the band's original guitarist.

Only 500 copies will be made, so snag yours before they're gone.

Submitted by: (via Surfer Blood)

Tagged: lil bub , Music , Cats

Rumble's Tuna Noodle Cat-sserole Recipe is Actually a Pretty Good April Fools' Day Joke


You've gotta be kitten me! This is like all of those quick recipe videos your mom shares on Facebook, but with a cat. Turns out cats make terrible chefs. Who knew?!

Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: cooking , recipe , april fools , Cats , Video

We're Obsessed With This Fake Cat That Claims It Used to Work Here at Cheezburger

fake cat pretends it used to work for cheezburger

This webpage for italki is either some glorious April Fools' Day joke or just a fake page for a new product. ikitti claims to have worked here at the Cheezburger offices in Seattle from 2006-2008 as our Purrector of ComunikaShunz. Pretty sure we'd remember that, but whatever. The LOLspeak on this page is so impressive, we kinda wish whoever created it really did work here. Good job, internet. Keep being super weird and random.

Also, shout out to Sho Ko for making an appearance.

Submitted by: (via italki)


Just a Dog in a Baby Carrier Hanging With Mom and Dad at a Baseball Game


No big deal or anything.

Submitted by: (via Heir Jordan)

Tagged: dogs , baseball , Video

Basement Cat is Always Watching

basement cat is always watching

Submitted by: (via whiteshirtredtie)

Tagged: Cats

Watch Baby Tigers Grow up Right Before Your Eyes


Submitted by: (via Yorkshire Wildlife Park)

Tagged: park , tiger , Video

Baby Goat Just Wants to Horse Around

Submitted by: (via outroversion)

Tagged: gifs , goats , cute , horse

There's No Shortage of Employment Opportunities for Cat Jobs


Submitted by: (via Sho Ko)

Tagged: jobs , Cats , Video

The Ultimate Chick Magnet

ultimate chick magnet

Submitted by: (via Unknown)

Tagged: dogs , chicks

Woman in Turkey Feeds Dozens of Feral Cats Every Day


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: Cats , Video

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