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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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Leaping Kitty Has No Time for Cat Naps and more...

Leaping Kitty Has No Time for Cat Naps


No, that's not photoshop. Miruko the cat is just a really impressive jumper! And lucky for us, his human's always there to catch him in action.

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Tagged: twitter , leaping , Cats , jumping

Friendly Bears Stand on Two Legs to Entertain Tourists


Submitted by: (via ViralHog)

Tagged: bears , tourists , Video

These Famous Movie Scenes Are Better With Cats


Submitted by: (via PistolShrimps)

Tagged: movies , Cats , Video

Skye the Indian Dogue Loves to Play Dress Up


This adorable and patient rescue loves hanging out with her human and wearing silly costumes. Take a look!

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Tagged: costume , dogs , instagram , india , rescue

Jealous Giraffe Interrupts Teen's Prom-Posal

giraffe interrupts prom posal

Submitted by: (via @GabbieFoster)

Tagged: twitter , FAIL , prom , giraffes

You'll Laugh Until You Cry Over How Terrible Kevin the Goat is


Warning: NSFW language (lots of C-words)

Submitted by: (via Gary The Goat)

Tagged: funny , goats , kevin , Video

Stahp! No Moar Kisses

stahp no moar kisses

Submitted by: (via kittyneinei)

Tagged: stahp , kissing , Cats

Tiny Chick Sleeps on Cat's Mouth!


Roger the chick napping in his favourite place - on Oscars mouth!

Submitted by: jackgb (via TubbyTubbyTubTubs)

Tagged: chick , bird , Cats , Video , sleepy

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