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Thursday, April 21, 2016

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Flawless Prairie Dog Stars in Her Own Beyonce Music Video and more...

Flawless Prairie Dog Stars in Her Own Beyonce Music Video

Submitted by: (via Prairiedogpack)


The Princess Cat and The Pea

the princess cat and the pea

Submitted by: (via AmmianusMarcellinus)

Tagged: Pillow , princess , bed , Cats , comfortable

Lemur Demands Back Scratches From Kids


Submitted by: (via Subbu Bis)

Tagged: scratch , kids , lemur , Video

Man Takes His Beloved Wolf Dog on Epic Outdoor Adventures


Loki the wolf dog is living the dream. He spends his days exploring the outdoors and his nights, sleeping under the stars. His life is one big camping trip and we're super jealous.

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You're My Tree Now, Human!

Submitted by: (via StillbornFleshlight)

Tagged: gifs , climbing , koala , tree

Maine Coon Massage Heaven


Iki'opae (means Little Shrimp) loves his massages.

Submitted by: (via jzathey)

Tagged: maine coon , massage , Cats , Video

Watch Pickle the Pug Learn How to Swim

Submitted by: (via meagan cignoli)

Tagged: dogs , pug , vine , swimming , Video

Hungry Panda Munches Away on Bamboo


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: bamboo , panda , noms , Video

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