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Saturday, April 23, 2016

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Ferret Thinks the Bath Is a Great Place to Contemplate Life and more...

Ferret Thinks the Bath Is a Great Place to Contemplate Life

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Tagged: ferret , water , vine , bath , Video

Prince Michael Tries to Make the Ultimate Viral Cat Video


Submitted by: (via AaronsAnimals)

Tagged: viral videos , Cats , Video

Make Sure Your Sound Is on for This One

Submitted by: (via Rejected Cartoons)

Tagged: Music , birds , vine , funny , Video

Some of the Best Submissions from the Unflattering Cat Selfies Tumblr


We're big fans of cats that take selfies or at the very least, photos that make it look like the cat took its own selfie. Unflattering Cat Selfies is where most of these glorious photographs live on the internet and you should check them out. Here's some of our favorites.

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Tagged: tumblr , selfie , Cats

We Relate to These Animals on a Spiritual Level


Animals, they're just like us!

Submitted by: (via The Pet Collective)


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