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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

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Cat Starts Yelling Whenever Someone Says the Word Hungry and more...

Cat Starts Yelling Whenever Someone Says the Word Hungry


Submitted by: (via James Dinh)

Tagged: hungry , meow , Cats , Video

Flying Labradoodle Gets Photoshopped Into Internet Fame


Reddit's r/photoshopbattles community has done it again. This time they've taken a levitating Labradoodle puppy to places only the internet could dream up. If you want to see the original photo, click here. Never stop flying, pupper!

Submitted by:


Kitties Chatter to Each Other While Watching a Bird Outside


Submitted by: (via iCatVids)

Tagged: talking , Cats , Video

You Gonna Finish That?

you gonna finish that

Submitted by: (via Photogogo2)

Tagged: dogs , begging , food

This Parrot Has a Long Conversation With Itself in the Mirror


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: mirror , talking , Video , parrot

Who Did This?

my anaconda dont

Submitted by: (via @BabyAnimalPics)

Tagged: anaconda , buns , funny , twitter

This Adele Parody With Kittens Will Make You Want to Adopt a New Furry Friend


Submitted by: (via East Bay SPCA)

Tagged: adele , aspca , Cats , adoption , kitten , Music , Video

Dachshund Won't Stop Kissing Cat


No means no, buddy!

Submitted by: (via Kyoot Animals)

Tagged: dogs , dachshund , kissing , Cats , Video

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