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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

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A Giraffe Sucking on a Post Makes for Some Really Great Photoshop Material and more...

A Giraffe Sucking on a Post Makes for Some Really Great Photoshop Material


This PsBattle could have gone real dirty, real fast, but it didn't!

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Tagged: photoshop , Reddit , giraffes

In This Epic Puppy vs. Kitten Battle It's Really Us Who Win


Submitted by: (via Chip & Adele)

Tagged: adorable , puppy , kitten , fight , bite , Video

The Mac 'n Cheese Thief Always Strikes When You Least Expect It

Submitted by: (via deadfermata)

Tagged: rats , gifs , mac n cheese , mice

This Little Goat Loves Belly Rubs

this little goat loves belly rubs

Submitted by: (via Wlie-Clark)

Tagged: goats , cute , belly rubs

Have You Ever Seen a Cat Scratch Its Own Butt?


It's fascinating to watch.

Submitted by: (via Kyoot Animals)

Tagged: butt , scratching , Cats , Video

Baby Polar Bear Catches Snowflakes on Its Tongue

Submitted by: (via mattythedog)

Tagged: gifs , snow , polar bear

These Office Pets Are Either Working Hard or Hardly Working


Submitted by: (via The Pet Collective)

Tagged: pets , Office , Video

Their Tails Make a Purrfect Heart

their tails make a purrfect heart

Awww! <3

Submitted by: (via giglly)

Tagged: heart , Cats

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