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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

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You Need to Meet Gizmo, The Grumpy Hipster Dog and more...

You Need to Meet Gizmo, The Grumpy Hipster Dog


According to his Instagram bio, Gizmo is a "tiny love bat new to earth" and he is having none of it! Seriously though, how cute is this little guy? Obsessed.

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Tagged: dogs , hipster , grumpy , gizmo

The Rat Uprising Has Begun!


Warning: Vertical Video :(

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Tagged: rats , Video

The Best Memes for Everyone Who's Obsessed With Neko Atsume

games,neko atsume,caption,Cats

If you can't stop taking pictures of all the cute cats that visit your yard in Neko Atsume, then you should love these memes inspired by the game.

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Tagged: games , neko atsume , caption , Cats

Finally an Answer to Why We Can Ride Horses, but Not Zebras


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Tagged: zebra , history , Video , horse

This Self-Loading Laundry Basket is a Must Have

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Tagged: laundry , gifs , Cats

This Retirement Home for Dogs in Japan Will Give You All the Feels

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Tagged: dogs , Japan , Video

Insert (Fire)Fox Hitting a Pay Wall Joke Here

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Tagged: foxes , gifs , fox , dig

Here's 9 Ways Cats Are Just Like Millenials


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Tagged: millennials , Cats , Video

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