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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

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Welcome to the "Animal" or "Food/Object" Mega Post! and more...

Welcome to the "Animal" or "Food/Object" Mega Post!

dogs,karen zack,food

You've probably seen the "Puppy or Bagel?" photo by now. No? What about "Chihuahua or Muffin?" C'mon, these things are internet gold. Turns out there's one single person to thank for them all... or most of them, anyway. Her name is Karen Zack and she's clearly a gift to us all. Check out the best of her creations below.

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Tagged: dogs , karen zack , food

How to Get Your Dogs to Stop Fighting

Submitted by: (via Kacie Nicole)

Tagged: dogs , vine , Video

Rambro Takes on a Punching Bag

Submitted by: (via Angry Ram)

Tagged: gifs , Rams , sheep

When You Realize You Have to Start Paying Back Those Student Loans

puppy school graduate looks nervous

Submitted by: (via aaadictedone)

Tagged: dogs , school , puppy

Kitten Claps Its Paws for Treats

Submitted by: (via AtLeastMyInternetConnectionWorks)

Tagged: treats , gifs , Cats

Pig in a Blanket Loves Cookies


Submitted by: (via Nicolle von Eberkopf)

Tagged: pig , Video

You Missed a Spot

Submitted by: (via pm_your_huge_chode)

Tagged: gifs , Cats

This Guy Is Ridiculously Good at Dog Sitting


Submitted by: (via themike)

Tagged: dogs , Video

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