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Friday, March 4, 2016

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This Adorable Pack of Chihuahuas Has a Cat as Their Alpha and more...

This Adorable Pack of Chihuahuas Has a Cat as Their Alpha


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Tagged: cat , dogs , alpha

Who Knew Watching a Bunny Eat Fruit Could Be so Terrifying?


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Tagged: bunny , Video , fruit

Little Kitty Likes to Be the Big Spoon

kitten is big spoon

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Tagged: kitten , spooning , Cats

How to Let People Know That Even Your Cat Wouldn't Vote for Trump


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Tagged: donald trump , Cats , Video

Meet Some of New York's Most Photogenic Dogs

dogs,new york,photography

If you're not familiar with The Dogist, it's a photo-documentary series on Instagram about the beauty of dogs! It's kind of like Humans of New York, but with pups. Some posts are captioned with quotes from their humans or details about their life, but the photos manage to tell a story on their own.

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Tagged: dogs , new york , photography

Dragons Come in All Shapes and Sizes

little lizard wants to be dragon

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Tagged: dragons , lizard

The Only Thing Arthur Loves More Than the Fridge, are His Treats


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Tagged: fridge , Cats , Video

Who's Herding Who?

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Tagged: dogs , gifs , sheep

This Baby Parrot Could Totally Be in the Next Jurassic World

baby parrot looks like a dinosaur

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