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Saturday, March 12, 2016

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The Best Headline You'll See All Day and more...

The Best Headline You'll See All Day

local dog wears hat

Submitted by: (via breakyourownnews.com)

Tagged: dogs , news

Borked Cat is Borked

Submitted by: (via drbatookhan)

Tagged: gifs , Cats

When Bae Promised to Take You to Brunch but Won't Get Up

Submitted by: (via Meghan)

Tagged: dogs , vine , Video

Someone Get This Parrot a Record Deal


Submitted by: (via all around the web)

Tagged: rihanna , Video , parrot

Best Fwendz

best fwendz

Submitted by: (via JoanRMcDonaldise)

Tagged: aww , dogs , Cats

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