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Thursday, March 31, 2016

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Some of the Best Cat Tongues from Reddit's Blep Community and more...

Some of the Best Cat Tongues from Reddit's Blep Community


If you like cute pictures of cats with their tongues sticking out, then r/blep should be your absolute favorite subreddit. It truly is a gift. Here's some of the best posts we've seen on there.

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Tagged: blep , tongue , Reddit , Cats

Jonathan, The Oldest Living Land Animal on Earth, Finally Takes a Bath


Submitted by: (via St Helena Government)

Tagged: bath , tortoise , Video

Lambert the Lion Can't Sleep Without His Blanket

lambert the lion cant sleep without his blanket

Lambert was rescued as a baby and given a blanket for comfort. "He curled up on that blanket and went right to sleep" says his owner, Vicky Keahey, who runs the In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center. Even though he's a big lion now, he still sleeps with his blanket every night like a little cub. So cute!


Tagged: aww , blanket , lion

The First Promo for Shark Week 2016 is Super Trippy


Submitted by: (via Discovery)

Tagged: shark week , sharks , Video

Coolest Dog Ever Cuddles up to Pillows With His Own Face on Them

dog has pillows with his own face on them

It isn't vain if your human had them made for you. Right?

Submitted by: (via @tonyheally)

Tagged: Pillow , dogs , twitter

"Jurassic Cats" is Literally Just Four Minutes of Cats Playing Outside


But you should still watch it, because cats.

Submitted by: (via Moonstone Elements)

Tagged: jurassic park , Cats , Video

More Proof That Money Actually Can Buy Happiness

more proof money can buy happiness

Just look how happy he is!

Submitted by: (via gracetauferner)

Tagged: dogs , money

Right When You Think You've Got the Perfect Opportunity To Strike...


Then boom, reality hits you.

This happened in the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska zoo last week. Kijito the Silverback gorilla charged and jumped onto the glass when the visitor had his back turned to the enclosure.

Submitted by: (via cat4555)

Tagged: FAIL , zoo , Video , animals , gorilla

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