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Monday, March 7, 2016

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Otis Barkington is a Dog of all Trades and more...

Otis Barkington is a Dog of all Trades


Otis is a Boston Terrier that lives in Southern California. He also happens to be Instagram famous thanks to his human's excellent photography and photoshop skills. This little guy has been a construction worker, a skateboarder, and a photographer... well, on the internet at least.

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Tagged: dogs , instagram

Is There Anything Cuter Than Baby Goats Wearing Jammies?

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Tagged: gifs , goats

This Dog Probably Poses for Selfies Better Than You

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Tagged: dogs , selfie , Video

Animals Look Super Weird Without Their Necks


Except for Corgis, who somehow look exactly the same.

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Tagged: photoshop , necks , animals

Thumbs Is Like the Guy Fieri of Cats


"Ah, crap"

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Tagged: conan obrien , food , Cats , Video

When Your Best Friend is a Dog


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Tagged: friendship , dogs

Two Hamsters, One Wheel

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Tagged: gifs , hamster

This Neko Atsume/Mad Max Mashup Is Everything

neko atsume mad max mashup furry road

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Tagged: Mad Max , Cats

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