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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

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Meet Gary, the Cat With a Beard and more...

Meet Gary, the Cat With a Beard


Is it a beard? That little patch of fur kinda looks like a goatee, maybe, or a chin strap. Either way, Gary is one cool cat. His Instagram bio says he's "the most interesting cat in the world" and "his beard alone has experienced more than a lesser man's entire body". Talk about confidence. This guy's going places!

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Super Smart Dog Unlocks Door for Humans


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We've All Had That One Itch We Just Can't Reach

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Tagged: gifs , pig

How Embarrassing...

only dog dressed up for costume party

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When You Run out of Catnip

Is he trying not to cry/sneeze/barf? Who knows! Someone give this cat an Oscar... or a hug.

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Just Thinkin' About Bear Stuff

just thinkin about bear stuff

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Looks Like These Two Are Auditioning for a Live Action Fox and the Hound

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Get Out of My Room!

cat in a box

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