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Thursday, March 17, 2016

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Happy St. Purrtrick's Day! and more...

Happy St. Purrtrick's Day!

St Patrick's Day,caption,Cats

LoL by: Unknown


Elfie and Gimli are the Cutest Little Cat Siblings


This adorable brother and sister have dwarfism. That means they're a little bit smaller than most cats and look similar to the munchkin breed. Gimli & Elfie were rescued from a shelter by their human a couple years ago and now they're internet famous! How can you not love those little faces?

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Tagged: elfie , gimli , Cats

Watch a Bunch of Animals Playing Basketball Because March Madness


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Tagged: basketball , Video , animals

Florida Woman Is Fighting to Keep Rambo, Her Pet Gator

florida woman fighting to keep pet gator

The state of Florida requires two and a half acres of land for alligators who are at least six feet long. Rambo recently hit the six foot mark and now the state is trying to take him away from his owner of eleven years. Luckily, she's fighting back. Mary Thorn considers Rambo to be a family member. He wears clothes and has his own room. He even visits local schools to teach kids about reptiles. Mary is hoping to get him registered as a therapy animal as soon as possible. Good luck, Mary!

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Tagged: alligator , florida

Archer the Fox Has a Hilarious and Contagious Laugh

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Tagged: vine , fox , laughing , Video

So That's What Those Things Are For

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Tagged: gifs , kitten , Cats

This Lab/Husky Mix Is Split Right Down the Middle

lab husky mix split down the middle

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Tagged: dogs , whoa

There's No Hiding Treats From This Sneaky Cat


Submitted by: (via PlayhousePals)

Tagged: treats , Cats , Video

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