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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

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Happy National Puppy Day! and more...

Happy National Puppy Day!

gif corgi puppies

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Tagged: gifs , puppies , corgi

Kitten Chooses Her Human in a Park and Never Lets Go

kitten chooses human and never lets go

Do you believe in love at first sight? This kitten spotted her human in a park, ran up to him, and wouldn't let him leave without her. Luckily, he took her in and now they're inseparable.

Submitted by: (via @Kawasaki_Hina)

Tagged: aww , kitten , Cats

Watch a Mini Horse, Tortoise, and Puppy Freak out Over Some Lettuce


Who likes salad this much? At least throw some dressing or a carrot into the mix. C'mon, guys.

JK! Never change. You're all adorable.

Submitted by: (via suetoshi2004)

Tagged: horse , tortoise , puppy , Video

Badass Frog Riding a Beetle Gets the Photoshop Battle Treatment


Bless r/photoshopbattles for all that they do.

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Tagged: photoshop , beetle , Reddit , frog

This Lab Has the Funniest Snore You've Ever Heard


Submitted by: (via Kyoot Animals)

Tagged: dogs , Video , snoring

Fish Braces Are Now a Thing Thanks to Mr. Hot Wing

fish braces are now a thing

The "braces" were created by a Veterinarian in Pennsylvania at Lehigh Valley Veterinary Dermatology. They posted these details with the photo: "Fish Braces!!?? Mr. Hot Wing came in today for trouble breathing and inability to eat. He was born without a lower jaw bone and his mouth could not stay open. Brian Palmeiro did surgery to open his mouth and created this brace to help his mouth stay open." Unbelievable! Mr. Hot Wing's owners must be super excited.

Tagged: braces , fish

Cat in a Witch Hat Rings Bell for Treats


Submitted by: (via クロちゃんねる)

Tagged: bell , Cats , Video

Dogeburger Should Probably Be Our New Mascot

doge with a burger backpack

Submitted by: (via WellDressedDoge)

Tagged: dogs , doge , cheeseburger

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