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Friday, March 25, 2016

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Dogs With Human Mouths Are Both Hilarious and Terrifying and more...

Dogs With Human Mouths Are Both Hilarious and Terrifying


Submitted by: (via Markiplier)

Tagged: dogs , mouth , woof , Video

Meet the Russian Cat That Gets to Live in a World Full of Magic


Kotleta (or Cutlet in English) lives in Russia with his incredibly talented human that specializes in photo editing. Cutlet is often the subject of these surreal photos which just makes them even more fun to look at.

Submitted by:

Tagged: russia , photography , Cats

Animals Can Not Even When it Comes to Technology


Submitted by: (via The Pet Collective)

Tagged: technology , Video , animals

Skunk Thanks Human for Saving It From Evil Plastic Cups

Wait for the end...

Submitted by: (via Illusionera)

Tagged: skunk , gifs , rescue

Watching Huskies Hunt for Easter Eggs Will Brighten Your Day


Submitted by: (via Gone to the Snow Dogs)

Tagged: easter , dogs , husky , eggs , Video

Moo Bitch Get out the Whey

farmers,Breaking News,animals

LoL by: Unknown


Cat Somehow Gets Stuck in Screen Door


More proof that cats are basically liquid. How does this even happen!?

Submitted by: (via Kyoot Animals)

Tagged: stuck , Cats , Video

What's Not to Love About This Adorable Baby Monkey?

Submitted by: (via Tania Torres)

Tagged: baby , vine , monkey , Video

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