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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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Chris Pratt's Son Finally Got to Meet the Penguin That He Named! and more...

Chris Pratt's Son Finally Got to Meet the Penguin That He Named!

jack and eagle meet for the first time

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt's son, Jack, had the privilege of naming a new penguin at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle last year. He chose the name "Eagle" and the two cuties finally got to meet recently. So adorable!

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The Rosy Maple Moth May Be the Cutest Bug Ever

the rosy maple moth is a super cute bug

Submitted by: (via SciencePorn)

Tagged: bugs , cute , moth

"In the Jungle the Mighty Jungle..."

Submitted by: (via The Oreo Cat)

Tagged: vine , lion king , Cats

You Know Your Baseball Team Is Garbage When Raccoons Start Showing up for Games

raccoon baseball team garbage

Submitted by: (via Munimalist)

Tagged: baseball , raccoons

Cat Helps Break Her Dog Friend out of "Prison"


Submitted by: (via Erica Borrowdale)

Tagged: dogs , Cats , Video

Forget Gold; Find a Corgi at the End of the Rainbow

corgi at the end of a rainbow

Submitted by: (via JasmineRahman)

Tagged: dogs , corgi , rainbow

Meet the Newly Discovered Ghost Octopus


Be sure to turn your sound on for this video so you can listen to the scientists totally nerd out about their discovery and try to quote Taylor "Smith" in the process. (I think they meant Swift...)

Submitted by: (via NOAA)

Tagged: octopus , Video

Hitman Cat Takes No Pleasure in His Job

cat gets caught messing with dog

Submitted by: (via RachaelTheDestroyer)

Tagged: dogs , Cats

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