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Monday, March 21, 2016

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Bird Lets Out a Fart and Runs Away and more...

Bird Lets Out a Fart and Runs Away


Submitted by: (via Kyoot Animals)

Tagged: cockatoo , birds , Video , fart

Maternity Shoots Are Better With Dogs

dog maternity shoot

Submitted by: (via Anna Fotografia)

Tagged: dogs , maternity

Cat and Human Team up for an Epic Drum Solo


Submitted by: (via MissPazzissima)

Tagged: drums , Cats , Video

This Cat Can't Stop Stealing Underwear

cat cant stop stealing underwear

Brigit, a cat in New Zealand, sneaks out every night and brings back socks and underwear that she's stolen from the neighborhood. Her humans have tried to find the owners of the stolen goods, but can't seem to figure out where Brigit is stealing from. Or why she seems to really love a particular brand of men's underwear.

Submitted by: (via Sarah Nathan)

Tagged: Cats , underwear

Watch an Otter Eat Ice, Get Brain Freeze, and Fall Asleep in Under Fifteen Seconds


Submitted by: (via Monterey Bay Aquarium)

Tagged: otters , Video

Something About This Cat's Face is so Familiar...

cat has penis shaped marking on its face

Submitted by: (via insolent_swine)

Tagged: Cats , penis

Curious Baby Wombat Won't Leave Human Alone


Submitted by: (via Storyful)

Tagged: Wombat , Video

Look at These Ridiculously Photogenic Cows

ridiculously photogenic cows

Submitted by: (via WavyGlass)

Tagged: animals , cows

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