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Friday, March 11, 2016

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An Officer in Australia Rescued and Adopted a Baby Kangaroo Named Cuejo and more...

An Officer in Australia Rescued and Adopted a Baby Kangaroo Named Cuejo

officer adopts orphaned joey

Cuejo was recently rescued by the Cue Police Department after its mother was killed. Scott Mason, an officer at the dept., adopted the orphaned joey because he has experience in animal husbandry. Looks like he's doing an awesome job taking care of the little one.

Submitted by: (via Western Australia Police)

Tagged: kangaroo , australia

Tiny Kitten Already Knows How to Play Dead


Submitted by: (via Kyoot Animals)

Tagged: kitten , bang , Video

This Border Collie Travels More Than Most People


Momo's human, Andrew, takes him all over the United States and Canada in their VW bus for new adventures and photo opportunities. Momo has a penchant for hiding in plain sight, which led to the creation of "Find Momo". He's basically the Where's Waldo? of dogs. And he's kinda living the dream.

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Tagged: dogs , Travel , momo

Have You Ever Seen a Cat Contemplate Its Entire Existence?

cat contemplating life

Submitted by: (via corporation-cats)

Tagged: Cats

Penguin Swims Thousands of Miles Every Year to Visit the Man Who Saved It


Submitted by: (via Wall Street Journal)

Tagged: penguins , Video

George Isn't So Sure About His Human's Taste in Home Decor

cat isnt sure about nicolas cage pillow

Submitted by: (via Egzo)

Tagged: nicolas cage , Cats

All Dogs Love Playing With Sticks, Even Wolves

Submitted by: (via tyujhgyujh)

Tagged: wolves , gifs , wolf

This is Probably What Cat Heaven Looks Like


Submitted by: (via 10 Cats.)

Tagged: boxes , Cats , Video

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