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Thursday, March 24, 2016

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A Bunch of Lambs in Sweaters Went to the Vet and all We Got Was This Adorable Video and more...

A Bunch of Lambs in Sweaters Went to the Vet and all We Got Was This Adorable Video

Submitted by: (via Joy the Sheep)

Tagged: vine , lamb , Video

This Kitten Version of Batman vs. Superman Is Better Than the Real Thing


Submitted by: (via The Pet Collective )


We're Obsessed With Walter, the Impeccably Dressed Chihuahua


Walter seems to love dressing up! He wears bow ties, costumes, Hawaiian shirts, and looks good in all of them. Honestly, this little guy is too adorable for words. Don't miss our favorite Walter outfit at the bottom of this list!

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Nursery Dog Takes Over Mom Duties for Cheetah Cubs



Tagged: dogs , cheetah , zoo , Video

Yo, Wanna Gopher a Ride?

Submitted by: (via Shady_Slim)

Tagged: gifs , gopher , Badass

Kyle the Cat and His Mustache Are Really Good at Photoshop


Kyle is a rescue cat with three teeth, no claws, and a crooked ear. He's pretty special on his own, but thanks to some crafty photoshop work from his human he's become so much more! Get to know Kyle over on Instagram.

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Tagged: photoshop , Cats , kyle

Someone Needs to Teach This Cockatoo Some Manners


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: cockatoo , birds , Video

You Know Spring Has Arrived When the Catplants Start Blooming

catplant is blooming

Submitted by: (via X-FER)

Tagged: plants , Cats

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