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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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Proof That All Dogs Are On Their Way to Heaven and more...

Proof That All Dogs Are On Their Way to Heaven


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Tagged: dogs , cloud

No, Today is Not a Good Day

funny cat image post vet shave and cone of shame
This is my friend Jean's cat Albert. Albert got an owie. Albert got shaved and the cone of shame. Albert is not having the best day.

Submitted by: (via Christy Howell)

Tagged: cone , cone of shame , vet , Cats , funny , animals

Meet Alby, an Adorable and Rare Albino Green Turtle

cute baby animal image albino green turtle baby found

Meet Alby, the first ever albino Green turtle we have come across  in our 9 years of turtle monitoring. Alby was born at...

Posted by Coolum District Coast Care Group on Sunday, February 7, 2016

Submitted by: (via Coolum District Coast Care Group)


Everyone Loves Carbs, Even Fish


Submitted by: forrestmason (via www.youtube.com)


Finally, an HMeOw Doctor

Tagged: Cats

Naming a Cat Marlon Was a HUGE Mistake

Theatre Kicked Me Out for Barking

dogs,star wars

LoL by: worksucks

Tagged: dogs , star wars

Forget the Market, This Little Piggy Went to a New Hampshire Polling Place to Vote

funny politics image pig shows up to New Hampshire polling place

Submitted by: (via @Phil_Mattingly)


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