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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

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Of Course a Norwegian Cat, Jesper, is Ready to be Your Ski Buddy and more...

Of Course a Norwegian Cat, Jesper, is Ready to be Your Ski Buddy


When the ski season closes, Jesper also likes to ride ponies.

Submitted by: (via News Today)

Tagged: Norway , gifs , Cats , skiing , trick , Video

The People's Champion at the Westminster Dog Show Was This Treat-Focused Leonberger

Submitted by: Unknown


Conspiracy Confirmed


LoL by: Philippa2

Tagged: cat , kitten

The Rock's Got Two Adorable Beings That Need Him

Submitted by: (via @therock)


A Naively-Brave Dog Comes Face-to-Face with a Bobcat


Submitted by: (via CTV News)

Tagged: Canada , dogs , bobcat , Video , animals

These Tiny Animals Dressed as Safari Animals are Adorable


Submitted by: (via HelloDenizen)

Tagged: costume , cute , Video , animals

Ever Hopeful


LoL by: Greencliff

Tagged: you , dogs , that , finish , caption , going

In 3... 2.. 1...


LoL by: heyman

Tagged: cat , bird

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