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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

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Meet Piper, the Airport Watch Dog and more...

Meet Piper, the Airport Watch Dog


His title is Wildlife Control Canine and he works for the Cherry Capital Airport in Michigan. What exactly does Piper do at his job? He chases away the birds, duh! And he looks pretty cool doing it.

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Tagged: dogs , job , airport , piper

Good FedEx Guy Knows How to Deliver a Win


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Tagged: dogs , delivery , mail , treats

Fetch Me Something Already Peeled, Human

cat,unwrap,eat,caption,too much,trouble

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Tagged: cat , unwrap , eat , caption , too much , trouble

They Should All Be Wearing Cones of Shame


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Tagged: beach , dogs

Birds Can Be Real Jerks

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Tagged: birds , gifs , polar bear

People Really Do Look Like Their Pet

dogs,totally looks like

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Shook up Shakespeare


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Tagged: cat , shakespeare , fox

The Truth Is Out There

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