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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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Internet Meet Koyuki, Your New Frowny Cat and more...

Internet Meet Koyuki, Your New Frowny Cat

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Skiers Have Close Call With Rare Snow Leopard

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Watch an Adorable Polar Bear Cub See Snow for the First Time


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Some Fluffs Won't Be Contained


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A Vet Decided to Eat Breakfast to Help This Rescued Pup Start Trusting Again

If you're interested in this particular rescue puppy, Graycie Claire, here's a detailed account from the Vet in the video:

Here's a bit of Graycie's most recent Facebook update:

You can continue to follow Graycie Claire's progress on Granite Hills Animal Care's facebook page.

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Dinner Looks Fresh


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Don't Be Mad, It Had To Be Done


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This Stoked Pup is Ready to Hit the Slopes


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