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Monday, February 8, 2016

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Did You Know Will Ferrell is an Exotic Animal Expert? and more...

Did You Know Will Ferrell is an Exotic Animal Expert?

After 16 Years, a Family Photo Recreation Keeps This Family's Memories of Their Beloved Dog Warm in Their Heart

heartwarming animal image family recreates photo with dog before putting it down

Submitted by: (via weezabeeb)

Tagged: dogs , pets , heartwarming , family , animals

A Doctor I Can Trust

funny memes dr mittens lamar billboard

Submitted by: (via Porky Mama)

Tagged: billboard , doctor , cute , Cats

Hey, that's what Mondays are for!


LoL by: Emerald63

Tagged: things , FAILS , dogs , million , stuck , never , traffic

Why Don't You Ask What the Dog Has Been Up To, Huh?

cat,toilet paper

LoL by: Chris10a

Tagged: cat , toilet paper

Multi-Squee Spree!


Submitted by: (via Thesarcasticguy)

Tagged: cute , animals

Hamlet Adlibs


Cats are critical, yes they are.


LoL by: Philippa2

Tagged: cat , here , think , actually , cleverness , caption

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