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Friday, February 19, 2016

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BFF Dog and Duck Are Getting Adopted Together as 'Brothers' and more...

BFF Dog and Duck Are Getting Adopted Together as 'Brothers'


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Spring's Bounty Has Sprung Early


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Tagged: Cats

Homecoming Reactions: Dogs vs. Cats


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Struggle Human, Struggle


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Tagged: Cats

She Wants the Bone

She Wants the Bone

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Let's Play Patty Cakes Human!


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Tagged: snow leopard , zoo , hands , Video , animals

Someone's a Baaaaad Student

funny animal image little lamb in math class

Submitted by: (via dyakobian)

Tagged: school , FAIL , lamb , animals

Let an Adorable Panda Show You How To Turn Into A Ball of Fluff


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Tagged: panda , zoo , cute , football , Video

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