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Saturday, January 9, 2016

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Why Do Animals Make Different Sounds In Different Languages and more...

Why Do Animals Make Different Sounds In Different Languages


Submitted by: (via Arika Okrent)

Tagged: language , sounds , Video , animals

This Badass Cat Is Taking Over a British Supermarket & Not Having Your Sass


Last November this cat set the internet ablaze after being spotted on a supermarket shelf in South London, with an unparalleled pokerface.

Well, this cat's back. Yes, the exact same one, in the exact same store.

Here's the photo from last November, in which he's wearing the same don't-fu*k-wit-me expression.

It's time for Sainsbury to face the cold, hard, and definitely furry truth; this cat ain't going anywhere.

Submitted by: (via Mashable)

Tagged: news , London , Cats , funny , win , grocery store

Cat Copier Functioning And Working At Max Catpacity

funny cute animal gif of loop of kitten coming out of drawer

Submitted by: (via cat gif central)

Tagged: copier , gifs , kitten , Cats

Someone Is Excited For Supper!

cute animal gif of baby bunny drinking milk excitedly

Submitted by: (via daily cat gifs)


Cat And Chihuahua Snuggle Buddies


Submitted by: (via Meg Frost)

Tagged: dogs , snuggle , cuddles , chihuahua , Cats

In Case You Were Going to Leave Snacks On Top Of The Fridge, Think Again


Submitted by: (via Sebastian )

Tagged: dogs , big , fridge , newfoundland

Monkey Meets Kitten For First Time And The Results Are Squee Worthy


Submitted by: (via Shelda7 )

Tagged: kitten , meet , monkey , Cats , Video

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