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Thursday, January 7, 2016

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What A Thoughtfull Puppy! and more...

What A Thoughtfull Puppy!

cute animal image of dog sharing peanut butter with stuffed dog

Submitted by: (via MemeW)

Tagged: dogs , peanut butter , sharing

The OTHER Sharknado

funny animal image of sharks as part of NATO

Submitted by: (via MemeW)

Tagged: sharknado , sharks , NATO

The Old Toaster Trick


Submitted by: (via kyoot animals)

Tagged: jump , scared , Cats , Video , toaster

He's Not Exactly A Copy Cat But He Does Mimic His Human's Face


Submitted by: (via kyoot animals)

Tagged: dogs , copycat , copy , Video

This Cat's Perception Troubles Are Too Real For All Of Us That Made New Year's Resolutions


Submitted by: (via Carl Roll)

Tagged: FAIL , Cats , perception , Video , animals

Ribbon Dancing Elephant


Submitted by: (via Elephant News)


Update Your Anatomy Textbooks

web comic of cockatiel anatomy with funny names

Submitted by: (via SophieCorrigan)


And Making Such A Face Too!

funny animal image of cat with pig photobomb

Submitted by: (via CharmingHippopotamus)

Tagged: photobomb , pig , behind you , Cats

Treat Yo Selfie...To Some Filters

funny animal image of ugly hairless cat who stays positive

Submitted by: (via theblessedone)

Tagged: positive , selfie , ugly , Cats , hairless

Pet Bed Built Into Box Spring Of Regular Human Bed From Colchão Inteligente Postural

funny animal image of pet bed built into box spring of human bed

Submitted by: (via Laughing Squid )

Tagged: bed , dog bed , cat bed , sleeping , animals

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