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Friday, January 22, 2016

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What A Handsome Young Man You Are! and more...

What A Handsome Young Man You Are!

funny animal image of sloth with bad hair

Submitted by: (via tahreza)

Tagged: funny , animals , sloth

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Amazing Arial Drone Footage of Reindeer Migration


Submitted by: (via Caters TV)

Tagged: reindeer , migration , drones , Video

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Never Challenge a Crab to a Knife Fight

funny animal gif crab wields a knife

Submitted by: (via video)

Tagged: crabs , brazil , gifs , classic , knife

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The Cutest, Saddest Baby Kangaroo is Still Going Strong After Severe Burns From a Wildfire

kangaroo rescue cute The Cutest, Saddest Baby Kangaroo is Still Going Strong After Severe Burns From a Wildfire

A wildfire broke out in Waroona, in south western Australia, leaving behind damaged property and lives.   The adorable photo has attracted a lot of attention.  The veterinary clinic that is taking care of him mentioned that the burns on his tail aren't affecting his balance so they are hopeful. They also released this additional information after a massive response: 

I have had a lot of messages about this little man - yes he is a boy. Yes he has some bad burns but has taken this long to catch. We will definitely keep you updated on his progress! Nurse Frosina x

This little guy got some terrible burns but he wasn't the only one.

Pets, farm animals and wild animals alike have been affected by this tragedy. 

According to their Facebook page, all animals at this clinic affected by the fires are being treated for free. 

Submitted by: (via Waroona Veterinary Clinic)

Tagged: kangaroo , fire , cute , Cats , animals , rescue

Troll Master Cat Saves Itself When Firemen Show Up to Rescue It


There's a cat stuck on the balcony, they said. Come rescue it, they said.

Submitted by: (via Nathan Ryan)

Tagged: fireman , Cats , Video , rescue

24hr Kitten Nursery at San Diego Humane Society


Submitted by: (via Cole and Marmalade)

Tagged: kitten , Video , nursery , rescue

Why Do Cats "Meow"?


Submitted by: (via BBC Earth)

Tagged: educational , meow , Cats , Video

Booby Trap!

funny animal image of dog caught on bra

Submitted by: (via txberg)

Tagged: bra , dogs , trap

Curious Monkeys Examine A Camera


Submitted by: (via Earth Touch)

Tagged: monkey , curious , Video

Upstanding Dog Picks Up Litter and Puts It In Recycling While On Walks


Submitted by: (via SWNS TV)

Tagged: dogs , trash , recycle , Video , litter

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