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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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There's Snow Stopping This Excited Bulldog and more...

There's Snow Stopping This Excited Bulldog


Submitted by: (via Neil Brown)

Tagged: dogs , snow , bulldog , winter , Video

It Wasn't In This Drawer Either

humor,cat,sense of humor

LoL by: MuttMeat

Tagged: humor , cat , sense of humor

These Pups Don't Care About an Adventourus BB-8 Droid


Submitted by: (via DogVideos)

Tagged: dogs , star wars , parody , Video

Kitty DJ Spinning All The Hits

Submitted by: anselmbe


If You're Happy and You Know It Clap Your Paws


Submitted by: (via Liam Burke)

Tagged: paws , dogs , happy , Video , animals

It's Gonna Be a No-Go

LoL by: MuttMeat


Belly Scratches


Submitted by: Unknown

Tagged: gifs , seals , critters

Clueless in Seattle

Tagged: Cats , lolcat

Heart (and) Warming



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