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Monday, January 25, 2016

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Star Wars: The Hawk Awakens and more...

Star Wars: The Hawk Awakens

funny animal image of star wars characters as birds

Submitted by: (via birdandmoon)

Tagged: star wars , birds , animals

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He Might Need To Lay Off The BegginBits

funny animal image of dog who doesn't fit into jacket

Submitted by: (via ryan holt )

Tagged: dog clothes , dogs , jacket , animals

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Facial Expressions and Tail Expressions


Submitted by: (via Daniel J Farrell)

Tagged: dogs , face , expression , tail , wag

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This Cat's Got Junk On It's Trunk

LoL by: Unknown


Giant Panda Frolics In Deep Snowfall In Washington DC


Submitted by: (via Smithsonian National Zoo )

Tagged: snow , panda , play , Video

This Dog is All of Us Contemplating Going Outside During Winter


Nope, nevermind, I'll hold it.

Submitted by: (via thebeverage213)

Tagged: dogs , snow , cute , winter , Video

These Dogs And Their Adorable Winter Gear Are Ready For Whatever The Weather Throws At Them


Most dogs have a natural coat of hair already but when temperatures start to significantly drop, it's time to bundle up. These adorable snow doggies have everything they need to go outside after winter storm like Jonas.

Submitted by:

Tagged: cute , dogs , list , winter

Instagram User Memorializes His Best Friend By Sending Out Free Tennis Balls

cute dogs friends Instagram User Memorializes His Best Friend By Sending Out Free Tennis Balls

Instagram user @imso did something very special to commemortate the loss of his best friend, Everything. He's hoping recipients of the tennis balls he sends out will use them to spend more quality time with their own canine companions.  According to the image description, anyone who wants a tennis ball will get one:

On Jan 23 I'll mark 2 years without my best friend. I purchased 100 tennis balls last week. I plan on sending them to anyone who wants one. I hope that all the people who get a ball from me will use it to spend some quality time with their best friend. If you would like a ball please email me your name and address and I will send you one. Direct message on IG works too. If you know someone who might like a ball feel free to tag them. I cover all costs... My email is chubbywater@gmail.com The artwork on the flyer was put together kindly by @steezjuice.. Edit: wow, i am blown away by the requests for tennis balls. Going to have to buy some more now. Thank you to everyone who requested a ball. Ill do my best to make sure everybody gets one. Thank you all.

Submitted by: (via @imso)

Tagged: cute , dogs , friends

Adorable Monkey Multiplies His Cuteness by Adopting a Puppy

cute monkey dogs Adorable Monkey Multiplies His Cuteness by Adopting a Puppy

Thanks to nature we get to see this precious, furry animal cradling a different, also precious smaller animal. This photo was posted on the Logical Indian's Facebook page with a story about their relationship. 

There was a strange phenomenon seen on common busy street. A monkey adopted a pup out of sheer compassion. And he protects the pup from other stray dogs. Seeing this amazing inter- species relationship and love from this guardian Monkey they were given food and there also the Monkey makes sure the pup is stomach full before eating himself.

Look at how much this monkey loves that puppy. 

Submitted by: (via Logical Indian)

Tagged: cute , dogs , friends , monkey

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