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Saturday, January 2, 2016

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Squirrels Plowing The Squirrel Highway and more...

Squirrels Plowing The Squirrel Highway


Submitted by: (via Bella Sheri)

Tagged: snow , wire , squirrel , winter , Video

Unusual Haunts


Submitted by: (via kyoot animals )

Tagged: dogs , pets , compilation , Cats , Video , animals

Snort Attack!


Submitted by: (via Prissy_Pig)

Tagged: pig , ocean , cute , beach , shark , cupcakes

We Should All Start Off The New Year Like This Boss Cockatoo


Submitted by: (via Harley the cockatoo)

Tagged: cockatoo , attitude , Video , parrot

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Proof That Cats Are Aliens


Submitted by: (via kyoot animals)

Tagged: Aliens , compilation , Cats , funny , Video

2016 The Year of The Cat Monkey Hybrid


Submitted by: (via 10 Cats)

Tagged: calendar , new years , monkey , Cats , Video

Pigeon Style

funny animal image of pigeon who looks like it's wearing a fur coat

Submitted by: (via MemeW)

Tagged: thrift shop , pigeon , animals

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