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Thursday, January 21, 2016

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Puppy So Excited He Forgets To Look Where He's Going and more...

Puppy So Excited He Forgets To Look Where He's Going


Submitted by: (via kyoot animals)

Tagged: puppy , cute , Video , fall

I Can Hear The Music Now

funny animal image of dog compared to sarah mclachlan commercial

Submitted by: (via bjl0924)


Get Yer Paws Off Me!

funny animal gif of cats fighting

Submitted by: (via cat gif central)

Tagged: gifs , fight , cat fight , Cats

All Cat People Have Tried One or More of These 'Cat Challenges' Before


Submitted by: (via BFvsGF)



funny animal image of adam driver morphing into a cat

Submitted by: (via MemeW)


YouAreDogNow Will Find the Perfect Picture of You as a Dog


All you need to do is Tweet to the Twitter handle @YouAreDogNow and voilĂ , you are dog now! How are they finding these pictures and why are they so uncannily accurate? It is a mystery. One can only assume @YouAreDogNow really turned these people into dogs to make a new picture.

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Tagged: dogs , twitter , list , cute , funny

Some People Just Don't Know When To Leave

funny animal image of deer who hangs out at house

Submitted by: (via MemeW)

Tagged: deer , leave , caption , animals

A Lot Of Attitude In A Little Body


Submitted by: (via Sean Sarantos)

Tagged: puppy , barking , cute , Video

Kitties First Laser


Submitted by: (via Fabulous Mr. Pug)

Tagged: kitten , cute , laser pointer , Video

The Real House Bunnies Of New York


Submitted by: (via The Dodo)

Tagged: cute , rabbit , bunny , Video

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