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Monday, January 11, 2016

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Nature Is Gross Ya'll and more...

Nature Is Gross Ya'll


Submitted by: (via kyoot animals)

Tagged: gross , ears , antlers , teamwork , Video , kudu

Dog Opens Dog Proof Container As If It Were An Epic Treat Puzzle


Submitted by: (via Daily Picks and Flicks )

Tagged: dogs , dog food , smart , treat , Video

Even Deer Love To Frolic!


Submitted by: (via Sean Haran)

Tagged: frolicking , deer , puddle , Video , playing

Cats Doing What They Do Best And Ruining Your Day


Submitted by: (via The Dodo)

Tagged: wreck , ruined , compilation , Cats , Video

Dog Tries To Fetch Darts Thrown On TV


Submitted by: (via hansenyue)

Tagged: fetch , dogs , Video , darts

Nerd Alert!

funny animal gif of cat wearing glasses

Submitted by: (via sheepfilms)

Tagged: gif , glasses , nerd , Cats

Energetic Water Dog Swims Laps In Pool


Submitted by: (via Brian Freeman)

Tagged: dogs , swimming , laps , Video

Dusty The Kitten Rescued By Firefighters From Bin


Submitted by: (via ExpressandStarNews)

Tagged: kitten , Video , rescue

Koala Cries About Getting Kicked Out Of Tree


Submitted by: (via Alicia Alexander)

Tagged: screaming , koala , tree , loud , crying

What Is Trunk? What Does It Do?


Submitted by: (via Bea Perry)

Tagged: trunk , elephant , Video , playing

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