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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

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My Teefs Is Doing Just Fine On Their Own! and more...

My Teefs Is Doing Just Fine On Their Own!


Submitted by: (via kyoot animals)

Tagged: tooth brush , Cats , Video

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Look At Me, I Am The Lap Dog Now

funny animal image of dog sitting on other dogs head

Submitted by: (via pheo)

Tagged: lap , alpha dog , dogs , lap dog , animals

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If a Snake Could Ever Be Considered Cute, This Freshly-Hatched Yawning Cutie is it

Such a special moment caught by our head of Reptiles & Venom Billy Collett! One of our brand new, freshly hatched king brown snakes taking its very first breath!!!!

Posted by The Australian Reptile Park on Friday, January 22, 2016

Submitted by: (via AustralianReptilePark)

Tagged: yawn , baby animal , cute , facebook , Video , snake

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Cat Touch Lamp


Submitted by: (via KKatzor)

Tagged: lamp , electricity , Cats , Video

The Cutest Sloth Got Arrested for Jaywalking

cute sloth image The Cutest Sloth Got Arrested for Jaywalking

This adorable sloth just wanted to cross the road but he ran into some trouble. He was found clinging to the median on the highway in Ecuador and rescued by traffic police.  They took a few pictures with him to document the situation, he seems very happy that someone is there to help. 

According to the Facebook page of Ecuador's transit commission he was taken to a veterinarian who gave him the OK to be returned to the wild. 

Submitted by: (via ctecuador)

Tagged: cute , police , image , traffic , sloth

A Work Of Bark

funny animal image of dog next to painting of the dog

Submitted by: (via sh*theadsteve)

Tagged: dogs , selfie , painting

The First Time You Realize What Sharing Food Feels Like


Submitted by: (via KevinDavis)

Tagged: dogs , sharing , parenting , food , Video

One Puperoni Pizza Please!

cute animal image of dog delivering pizza

Submitted by: (via volar92)

Tagged: dogs , pizza , cute , delivery

Oh, Would You Like Some Food?

cute animal gif of cat doing sign language to get food

Submitted by: (via MemeW)

Tagged: sign language , gifs , cute , Cats

Dog Does Not Want Nails Trimmed


Submitted by: (via Darets)

Tagged: dogs , vet , Video

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